Classroom Expectations & Consequences

In keeping with the school wide theme “Mission Possible” this year, students in my classroom will be “Agents of Science“. Students in my classroom are expected to behave following the school wide PBS Expectations of “Be Safe”, “Be Respecful“, and “Be Responsible“. All three of these are extremely pertinent in a science classroom where we will be doing many hands-on experiments and STEM building challenges. Often, we will be working with things that can hurt students if they are used improperly. No, this does not mean they will be working with hazardous waste or toxic materials! But, let’s face it, even a pencil can do harm if used incorrectly! So, what do the Ballard PBS Expectations look like in my classroom?


Agents of Science (AKA students in my class) are expected to follow the following expectations:

  • Be Safe!
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    • Use walking feet (especially coming up and down the stairs).
  • Be Respectful!
    • Listen when others are speaking.
    • When it is your turn to speak, speak in a manner that shows you care.
  • Be Responsible!
    • Handle materials and classroom items with care.

Consequences for not following these expectations result in the following steps, per infraction, per day:

  1. Verbal reminder, reteach expectation
  2. Loss of Class Dojo point
  3. Time Out – Student writes reflection about behavior + loss of Class Dojo point
  4. Classroom Behavior Tracking form is written – parent is notified through Class Dojo

Agents of Science will also be expected to keep an interactive science notebook which will be provided to them. These notebooks will be used to keep daily notes, reflect on scientific concepts being taught, record results from experiments and investigations, brainstorm ideas for STEM challenges, and draw blueprint designs for challenges. Students will be working in groups of 4 or 5 most of the time during experiments or STEM challenges. Occasionally, they may work in smaller groups of 2-3 students, depending on the amount of supplies available, when working on a design challenge. This is so that they are able to have more hands-on contact with the materials, and so that each student will have the opportunity to take home at least one thing they have created in my class this year as a result of their teamwork.

Students can earn up to three participation points each day. The participation points will be added together at the end of each quarter to go into part of their science grade. Agents of Science earn daily points for:

  • Following all of the Agents of Science classroom expectations
  • Staying on task and doing their best possible work (This means trying even when they are not sure how to do something.)
  • Actively participating as a member of their team

Agents of Science can also earn Class Dojo points for following all classroom expectations and for exhibiting Class Dojo character traits for the month. Classes will also earn a Rainbow Spirit ticket in Class Dojo for following all classroom expectations.

Agents of Science expectations poster