Shopping for Curtains

It’s been a while since I last made an entry in here or worked on the site. I’ve given up on trying to create the site theme/skin from scratch and have started window shopping. I’ve gotten a collection of some of my favorite themes in my Pinterest board but having a some difficulties pulling the trigger on a site theme. Mainly, the cost! Just when I think I have the money, something else comes up. I’ve found one that I really love, that simply screams STEM education with graph paper and science and engineering doodles on the side. It even has a font that looks like it belongs on a blueprint. Yep! I really like the looks of this theme! It has Post-it notes you can add to the side for notes and a hand written cursive font that sort of looks like a scientist’s chicken scratch, only, more legible. My husband recommended that I try to copy it and create my own, just not enough time. It’s high-stakes testing time, so I’m a little pre-occupied with the stress of my students’ well-being to mess with Photoshop and Dreamweaver. While I’m thinking about it, should probably also think about mapping out the site, getting some organization to it – how it is all going to be laid out and all. Another day.

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