Calling All Superheroes!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Superhero! Great Scott, it’s a whole lot of superheroes!

In honor of today’s superhero theme, the STEM classes were put through their own death-defying (not really, but certainly defying gravity) feats of strength and wisdom. that’s right, wisdom! I put these superheroes through tests of wits to see which superhero team was able to leap tall buildings (at least buildings made of paper and index cards). These young, but mighty superheroes were put to a gravity-defying duel of building the tallest free-standing tower with only just a little bit (12 inches) of tape in which they had to make their towers soar above all others (at least in the challenge) and not taped to the table. They were allowed to roll the paper, bend it, fold it, cut it, tear it, twist and bend it, however they needed to manipulate it, as long as it wasn’t taped to the table or lean against anything other than the paper they were given, to reach the tallest heights.

Meanwhile, our first grade heroes were challenged to build the tallest structure with just index cards, no tape. They also could do anything to the cards that would change its shape, and be able to support the weight of the other cards on top to construct the tallest structure. They had the same stipulation, that the cards could not be leaning on anything other than the cards (and the table, of course). They could not hold any of the cards up themselves. This task proved to be trickier than thought as the cards kept slipping and sliding on the tables. (Perhaps we should have tried this outside on the playground in the soft sand – but then we would have had the wind to contend with!)

If nothing else, these superheroes had a fun day in STEM today!

Students dressed as superheroes building a tower of paper

These young superheroes are trying to save this paper skyscraper from the brink of doom, or at least from collapse!


Students dressed as superheroes showing off their strengths at building paper towers

Nothing can stop us, but gravity, from building the tallest skyscraper using just paper, and a little bit of tape, and our wits!


Students dressed as superheroes trying their hands at building a house of cards

Trying to build a super secret hide-out but these cards keep slipping through our fingers, or at least across the table!


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