Welcome to the Team Science Dugout!

Welcome to the Team Science Dugout

Welcome all STEM fans to another exciting school year! Allow me to introduce myself to you – I’m Mrs. Roberts, your STEM coach. This year at Ballard Elementary our theme is #TeamBallard meaning “Together Everyone Achieves More”. This is certainly no different in the STEM Lab, as science is a team effort. As you can see, I’ve gone with a classic baseball theme this year, but with a STEM twist. My baseball team is made up of all people from the past with significant contributions to STEM fields. I will be introducing you to these players throughout the year along with their achievements (and some of their failures as failure is an important part of success).

Just like baseball, science is a team sport. Scientists need the support (and research) of their colleagues. Without the research and failures of others, new discoveries and advancements would not be possible. We will be practicing this same team work principle in STEM this year as we create a league community atmosphere made up of table teams. Each member of the team is a valuable player and has something to contribute. Each member of the team will have an important role to play. We will be rotating these roles each week so that all players will have a chance to experience each of the roles. Of course, our roles will have cool baseball related names, like Field Manager/Captain, Equipment Manager, Umpire, Statistician, and Referee.

I’m very excited about all the great work we will be doing in STEM this year. One thing I am especially excited about for this year is happening in October. Last year I won a scholarship for STEM training for this year. I have chosen to go to Boston for a few days in October to attend the training. I will be going to the Museum of Science in Boston to participate in training in the Engineering is Elementary curriculum. This is a curriculum I’ve been using for years, and can’t wait to meet other teachers who use it, too. The training I’ve chosen to attend is on engineering for life science. We could use more challenge ideas in this area of science! I’ve never been to Boston, so this will be a wonderful experience for me, right at the start of fall in the North. I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful fall colors, and to be bringing more STEM experiences back to Ballard with me.

Join us tomorrow night, Tuesday, August 8, 2017, beginning at 6:00 pm, for our Back to School Night. You can meet the Rainbows (Special Area) Team, and see all the exciting things we will be learning about this year in STEM.

Here’s to the start of a great 2017-2018 STEM Training season! One quote I want to leave you with, Learning is not a spectator sport, so let’s play!

Team work makes the Dream work

Teamwork makes the Dream work!

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